Here I am turning another year older and revisiting my forever passion – writing, creating, sharing.

I’ve attempted to create a few blogs. The idea always starts out good and somewhere along the way I fall down a rabbit hole of how-to’s on Pinterest and the whole thing turns boring and inauthentic.

But, that is the beauty of life isn’t it? My views, my style, the awareness of my power have all evolved and with that change, you re-create and start again! I’ve had the honor of getting to know myself inside and out. Dissect what makes me tick and why the fuck I make such idiotic decisions. More importantly I’ve assed the content I want to leave in this physical world going forward. When you know better you what people… DO BETTER!

So, let’s address this upfront. I’m rooting for everyone black, then female. Periodt. If it’s a black woman, you know she’s getting first consideration. Argue with yourself.

I’m excited to share this old love of mine with a fresh face on an updated platform. Oh, and BTW investing in this blog was a birthday present to myself! TBH, this was the best gift I could have received and I gave it to myself.

Cheers to a new chapter!

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