momma's day

The softest pillows on top of fresh warm sheets, a stocked fridge, support, subtle wisdom, everlasting compassion, and most importantly understanding. This is home for me.

Being away from home has given me a stronger appreciation and awareness for who makes it that way.

I thank God every day for my mother. How blessed am I to have an angel here on earth, best friend and life-mentor? And I get to call her momma. From a very young age, I knew she was superhuman – my superwoman. We are in sync, but we’ve bumped heads. She still takes care of me, watching me grown and learn from afar, but always there when I fall. And I’ve learned to just listen because she might just know what she’s talking about.

On this day, I thank Sherry for knowing me and still loving me. For allowing me to be a pilot of my own destiny but serving as insurance with no premium. And for being the God-fearing woman I aspire to be. It’s a hard job that you take on with GRACE! I appreciate you and I love you!

Your baby girl, Morgan Janae.

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